Practical Guide to Drafting Commercial Contracts by Bhumesh Verma


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"Drafting Commercial Contracts" by Bhumesh Verma offers an indispensable toolkit for navigating the complexities of modern commerce. This practical guide equips legal professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs with the essential skills needed to craft clear, comprehensive, and enforceable agreements that protect interests of all parties involved.

₹895 ₹660

Pages : 694

Format : Paperback

Published in : Aug 2023

ISBN : 9789395764544

Edition : 3

Publisher : OakBridge

Author : Bhumesh Verma

Category : Law

Tag : Law

About the Book -

Contract drafting is a crucial skill that every lawyer must acquire and hone. A concise handbook enumerating the key aspects pertaining to drafting effective commercial agreements. Explains the factors that a draftsman must consider while drafting an agreement that clearly reflects the intent of the parties.

The third edition covers -

  1. Decoding Legal Damages,
  2. Digital Contracts, Data protection, and E-commerce,
  3. Issues involved with invoking Force Majeure in/after the COVID-19 Era,
  4. Deconstruction of Non-Disclosure Agreements, and
  5. Specimen drafts of contracts for key commercial transactions.
  6. Experts’ Articles,

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