Science and Technology – From Inception to Advancement

? Gain valuable insights into the evolution of scientific thought and the transformative power of technology, meticulously curated to aid in UPSC exam preparation.

? Whether you're an avid learner, a dedicated scholar, or an ambitious aspirant, "Science and Technology – From Inception to Advancement" offers a holistic exploration of the subject, supplemented with relevant examples and detailed analyses.

? Stay ahead of the curve and equip yourself with the essential knowledge needed to excel in UPSC examinations. ? Dive into the realm of scientific achievements, technological breakthroughs, and the promising future of science and technology.

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Pages : 653

Format : Paperback

Published in : Aug 2023

ISBN : 9789391032326

Edition : 3

Publisher : Edge

Author : Neeraj Nachiketa

Category : Academic & Test-Prep

Tag : Academic & Test-Prep

About the book -

Science and Technology - from Inception to Advancement, 3rd Edition is an authoritative and most updated book written for the aspirants of UPSC Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations.

Key Features:

  • This book will also be useful for various state services examinations.
  • Starting with the fundamentals of science and technology infrastructure in India, the book delves deep into the concepts and applications of technologies related to various areas like, 
    • Nuclear, Space and Defence among others.
  • It provides a detailed insights on the new age technologies like,
    • Recombinant DNA Technology, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Internet of Things, Hyperloop, Electric Vehicles, Driverless cars, Robotics etc.
  • While dealing with the scientific aspects of Covid-19, the book discusses the evolution of medical infrastructure during the time of pandemic.
  • Dedicated chapters on
    • Agricultural Technologies (hydroponics, aquaponics, bio-farming) and earth sciences have been provided for illustrating the change that technology can bring in a sector that employs majority of the Indian population.
  • Diagrams and flowcharts have been used for better understanding.
  • Comprehensive coverage of scientific and technological advancements.
  • Relevant insights tailored for UPSC examination preparation.
  • Engaging narrative supplemented with illustrative examples.
  • Accessible language catering to a diverse audience.

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