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Pages : 1100

Format : Paperback

Published in : Jun 2024

ISBN : 9788197413544

Edition : 1

Publisher : OakBridge

Author : Mohan Krishnamurthy

Category : Academic & Test-Prep

Tag : Academic & Test-Prep

About the Book -

GES PERIODOS is one of the earliest treatises in geography written by Hacataeus of Miletus, the title GesPeriodos is used as a tribute to Hecataeus and early Greek thinkers for their contribution to the field of geography. Our world is changing rapidly, and students of geography should be averse to the problems and challenges we face.

GesPeriodos aims to consummate geography in two volumes:

Volume I - Physical, World and Biogeography:

GesPeriodos vol 1 aims to explain and acquaint readers with the spatial characteristics of the various natural phenomena associated with the Earth’s atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. It introduces basic and advanced physical geography to the students and teachers of geography at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in different universities in India and abroad.

Volume II - Indian, Human and Economic Geography:

GesPeriodos vol 2 aims to understand the basic physical systems, location and characteristics that affect everyday life to function more efficiently in our increasingly interdependent world, To comprehend geography through time and how geography has played an important role in the evolution of man, his ideas, his culture and his environments, To explain how human activity is distributed over the Earth's surface and how the man-nature relationship is changing the surface of the Earth and to learn to appreciate that our planet is home to various other species (Earthlings) and develop

About the Author-

Mohan, aka nomadman, is a geophysicist on paper, with a heart full of wanderlust. He has been a travel geek since his school days.

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