New-Age Economy Taxation: An Overview of Taxation of Digital Businesses

New Age Economy Taxation: An Overview of Taxation of Digital Businesses will be useful for tax professionals, financial consultants, multinational corporations, technology firms, policymakers, legal professionals, academicians & tax students.

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Pages : 184

Format : Paperback

Published in : Apr 2024

ISBN : 9789395764735

Edition : 1

Publisher : OakBridge

Author : CA Pushpendra Dixit

Category : Tax

Tag : Tax

About the Book

  • Analyses the complexities of taxing digital business transactions

  • Focuses on the introduction of Digital Services Taxes (DST) to ensure fair taxation for foreign corporations operating within different market jurisdictions.

  • Explores unilateral tax measures adopted globally, with a spotlight on India.

  • Covers taxation of digital goods, services, and online advertising.

  • Examines the OECD's Two-Pillar approach, addressing the allocation of taxing rights and establishing a global minimum corporate tax rate.

  • Advocates the inclusion of digital transactions in the tax net to level the playing field for businesses.

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