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The Global Indians and The Law

The Global Indians and The Law


Author: Anil Malhotra / Ranjit Malhotra

Publisher: OakBridge Publishing

ISBN: 9789389176544

Edition: 1

The Global Indians and the Law is a commentary on private international law in the exclusive Indian context attempts to provide comprehensive answers to the problems of the Indian diaspora and the global transnational Indian which may not find a solution in conventional statutory laws. The publication aims to be a comprehensive commentary for Courts abroad, an aggrieved spouse, a foreign litigant, an overseas practitioner, or any lay person who simply wants to know where they stand. A compilation of case law, enunciated by the vibrant Indian judiciary rendering a yeoman service, has been quoted for reliance. Unique case references fill in the statutory void in this ocean of ails. This unique reader-friendly, concise and crisp presentation in 7 individual Parts as expositions pose the problems and attempt to provide their answers. The authors with their years of expertise have aimed to project these problems as they have experienced them professionally. References to case law wherever necessary have been provided for the professional reader who wants an accurate and expeditious run-down on Indian law on the subject of custom, marriage, divorce, spousal maintenance, domestic and inter-country adoptions, child abduction, surrogacy, child rights, matrimonial settlements, succession and inheritance, besides issues of nationality and citizenship. About the Author: Anil Malhotra is a practising Advocate based at Chandigarh, India since September 1983. Ranjit Malhotra was the first Indian Lawyer to be awarded the prestigious Felix Scholarship to read for the LLM Degree at the SOAS, University of London.


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