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Tax Consolidation

Tax Consolidation


Author: PV Srinivasan

Publisher: OakBridge Publishing

ISBN: 9789389176346

Edition: 1

Tax consolidation is an expression which eloquently denotes a tax regime that operates on the concept of economic unity of a large corporate group, having several entities (having independent legal personality) but functioning beneath through common control. The tax administration looks at the corporate group as a whole, rather than its fragmentation into separate entities.

Tax consolidation: a global perspective on economic unity is spread over twenty-two chapters preceded by an informative overview of the topic including a brief History of its evolution. With a fervent desire to explore the quintessence of tax consolidation, the book navigates through several countries which have already put this regime in place. It further examines its dimensions broadly covering the possibility of participation of entities into the consolidation regime, the tax treatment accorded at the time of entry into consolidation, during its subsistence, the exit of an entity from consolidation, and upon deconsolidation.


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