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Social Justice

Social Justice


Author : Naveen Kumar Chandra, IAS

Publisher: OakBridge Publishing

ISBN: 9789395764506

Edition: 1

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About the Book – 

Social Justice is a comprehensive understanding of the subject, with particular attention to its relevance to the examination UPSC CSE. The book covers various aspects of social justice in India, including historical perspectives, emerging issues, policy frameworks and the role of public service in promoting social justice.

The book draws on a wide range of sources including academic literature, government reports and case studies to provide a nuanced and critical analysis of social justice in India. It aims to provide aspirants for the UPSC CSE examination with an in-depth understanding of the subject, which is essential for addressing social justice issues in the examination.

Through this book, we hope to contribute to the ongoing discourse on social justice in India and inspire a generation of civil service aspirants who are committed to equality, fairness, and justice in society.

Features – 

  • Well-researched book based on academic literature, government reports and case studies.
  • Inclusion of planners and strategies for GS paper II -Social Justice
  • Provides appendices of Global Indices and Ranking
  • Questions from previous years (2022-2013): UPSC Mains (GS paper II -Social Justice)

About the Author – 

Naveen Kumar Chandra is an avid reader and prolific writer. He is also very interested in subjects and topics such as economics, philosophy, psychology, physics, astronomy, music and art. He also loves to paint and sketch. He writes on a variety of issues and topics and has published several books. He has a blog which he has been writing for over 10 years. Having graduated from IIT Roorkee, he is currently working as an IAS officer in the state of West Bengal.


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