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Science and Technology – From Inception to Advancement

Science and Technology – From Inception to Advancement


Author: Neeraj Nachiketa

Publisher: OakBridge Publishing

ISBN: 9789391032326

Edition: 3

Science and Technology – from Inception to Advancement 3e is an authoritative and most updated book written for the aspirants of Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations. This book will also be useful for various state services examinations. Starting with the fundamentals of science and technology infrastructure in India, the book
delves deep into the concepts and applications of technologies related to various areas like nuclear, space and defence among others. It provides a detailed insights on the new age technologies like Recombinant DNA Technology, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Internet of Things, Hyperloop, Electric Vehicles, Driverless cars, Robotics etc. While dealing with the scientific aspects of Covid-19, the book discusses the evolution of medical infrastructure during the time of pandemic. Dedicated chapters on agricultural technologies (hydroponics, aquaponics, bio-farming) and earth sciences have been provided for illustrating the change that technology can bring in a sector that employs majority of the Indian population. Diagrams and flowcharts have been used for better understanding. Written in simple and lucid language, the book will serve as a comprehensive reference for Civil Services Examinations and other competitive examinations.

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Neeraj Nachiketa is a trained Biotechnologist from IIT Bombay and also an alumnus of National Law School, Bengaluru. He is one of the most popular and sought after faculty member and has been guiding aspirants of the Civil Services Examination all over the country on Science and Technology for the past 17 years. Many of his students have
qualified with top ranks and are serving in various capacities in the Government of India.
He is also a member of the Bar Council of India and a practicing advocate in IPR. He has worked in corporates in various capacities in Bio-Medical field before joining the Bar Council as a Patent Law practitioner. He has pursued M.A. in Security and Defence law from NALSAR, Hyderabad. This book on Science and Technology by Neeraj Nachiketa Sir is a treasure for the students preparing for UPSC and other competitive examination. It covers all the
topics mentioned in the syllabus of General Studies Paper 3 for Civil Services (Main) examination. The concepts are well-explained and even non-science background students can easily understand them.
Ravi Anand, IAS (AIR 79, CSE 2017)
New to this Edition
• Dedicated chapters on Agriculture Technologies (hydroponics, aquaponics, biofarming etc.) and
Earth Science
• Special coverage of Covid-19 and scientific developments related to it
• Comes with online support that makes the book useful for CSE 2021 and 2022
• Chapter-wise compilation of practice questions and previous years’ questions of CSE prelims
(2011–2020) and mains (2013–2020)
• Solved questions of the preliminary and main examinations of the year 2020
• Author’s videos on important topics and current developments
• 5 online tests for the purpose of self-assessment


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