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Reimagining International Taxation

Reimagining International Taxation


Author: Parthasarathi Shome

Publisher: OakBridge Publishing

ISBN: 9788194991175

Edition: 1

Key Features:  

(I) Perspective and opinions on challenges in international taxation and the need for reform.

(II) Covers wide range of topics including:

  (a) Tax considerations arising out of the global pandemic;

  (b) International tax regime and global power shifts;

  (c) The need for a new international tax architecture;

  (d) Ramifications of retrospective taxation;

  (e) International consensus in matters of profit attribution, digital taxation,cryptocurrency, and source and nexus of income; and

  (f) Taxpayers’ charter.

(III) An international volume with contributions from tax experts and academicis from India, Argentina, UK, and Netherlands.

(IV) Conceptualized and developed by ITRAF.


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