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Prevailing and Emerging Dilemmas in International Taxation

Prevailing and Emerging Dilemmas in International Taxation


Author: Parthasarathi Shome

Publisher: OakBridge Publishing

ISBN: 9789391032456

Pages: 330

Prevailing and Emerging Dilemmas in International Taxation presents an array of research papers encompassing the raging issues that confront the international tax community today because of a digitalized borderless world of commerce. However borderless the world of commerce has become owing to digitalization, nations remain divided by borders when it comes to taxation. This appositional issue has been discussed comprehensively in the chapters with scholarly insights.

(i) The new global tax order that is emerging from the global organizations like OECD/G20 and the UN to border the borderless world attempts to resolve the challenge of equitable distribution of taxing rights between the developed and the developing world. The residence and market jurisdictions have been debated at length in this volume.

(ii) The chapters deal with a range of topics that have sparked the debate on international taxation –

(a)  The issue of accepting source principle over residence, the perspectives of the UN Model Convention,

(b) The debate on OECD’s Pillar One and Pillar Two proposals, and

(c)  The Global Minimum Tax.

(iii) Additionally, certain other interesting topics have been included in this volume, for example,

(a) various aspects of the taxation of the gig economy,

(b)    tax challenges of financial innovations, such as SPACs,

(c)     Indian experiences in investment arbitration, and critical evaluation of faceless assessment in India, shedding light on grey areas.

(iv) The chapter on retroactive taxation is a very relevant addition to the bouquet of tax issues that impact the mobility of investments globally.

(v) And finally, the critical evaluation of GST has made the volume a very well-rounded compendium.

The volume has retained its uniqueness by continuing with rejoinders from the co-authors, providing multiple views on each topic. The volume has also maintained an international flavour by bringing in authors from around the world.

About the author

Parthasarathi Shome is currently Chairman, ITRAF, Bengaluru, and Visiting Senior Fellow, London School of Economics. He was Adviser (Minister of State) to the Indian Finance Minister, and chaired India’s Tax Administration Reform Commission (TARC). He has held various positions, including Chief Economist, UK Revenue and Customs; Chief of Tax Policy, IMF; and Professor, American University, Washington DC. His work on GAAR and retrospective taxation is widely cited. He is a recipient of Brazil’s highest civilian honour, Commander of the Order of the Southern Cross, for his contributions to Brazilian fiscal reform. He is widely published in international peer reviewed journals and books and is invited to speak across the globe.





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