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Internal Security

Internal Security


Author: Lohit Matani


ISBN: 9789389176421

Edition: 2


Internal Security (Second Edition) is a book written for the aspirants of Civil Services (Main)Examination. It will also be useful for various state services examinations.

With the growing challenge of globalterrorism and local forms of naxalism and insurgency, ‘internal security’ has becomea major concern for India. Following the global trend, UPSC also adopted‘internal security’ as one of the topics in its syllabus of General StudiesPaper 3. This book provides a broad overview of the various facets of internalsecurity situation of India.  It also dealswith various problems impacting the security of India, legal and institutional measurespresent to deal with them and recommendations of various committees and taskforces for dealing with them.

The book has been written in a simple andlucid language. An effort has been made to make the book reader- friendly byincluding mind-maps, flowcharts, tables and boxes. These features will be extremelyuseful for the aspirants in memorising the whole issue (including the challengeand its measures) in a simple and comprehensive manner.


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