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Indian Culture Art and Heritage

Indian Culture Art and Heritage


Author: Alok S Jha

Publisher: OakBridge Publishing

ISBN: 9789389176681

Edition: 1

Indian Culture Art and Heritage: An Illustrated Journey 2e delves deep into the various facets New to the Edition
 Solved questions of Art and Culture from UPSC preliminary examinations of 2016 to 2020
 Inclusion of a separate appendix on current developments in Indian Art and Culture
 Supported with time-based online tests for self-assessment
 Expert guidance through live chat
of Indian art and culture. It is written for aspirants of Civil Services Examination and State Services
This book seeks to provide comprehensive information related to cultural heritage, ancient
monuments, literary arts, visual arts, performing arts, fairs and festivals and handicraft of India.
Chapters like Martial Arts in India, Indian Universities, Iconography in India, Indian Architecture,
Dance and Dance Forms, etc. are included to enrich the content.
In the entire text, the key focus has been provided on three aspects-relevance, comprehensiveness
and potential UPSC questions. In order to ensure relevance and comprehensiveness, due emphasis
has been provided to cover the topics according to the syllabus of the Civil Services Examination.
Keynote boxes have been provided to include important topics which are either asked or can be
asked in Civil Services Examination.
The topics have been discussed in a comprehensive and systematic manner to ensure that all the
useful study material should be included in one source. The purpose of this book is to simplify the
complex concepts of culture through illustrations, tables, line diagrams, flowcharts and MCQs.

Key Features
 Explanation of Indian art and culture through illustrations
 Separate chapters based on iconography, pottery tradition and handicrafts
 Discussion of topics in bullet points to facilitate easy understanding
 Keynote boxes to cover important topics
 Incorporation of latest developments related to art and culture
 Topic-wise discussion of previous years’ questions asked in the Civil Services Preliminary Examinations


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