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GES Periodos Vol 1 (Physical, World and Biogeography)

GES Periodos Vol 1 (Physical, World and Biogeography)


Author: Mohan Krishnamurthy


ISBN: 9789391032906

Edition: 1


GES PERIODOS is one of the earliest treatises in geography written by Hacataeus of Miletus, the title GesPeriodos is used as a tribute to Hecataeus and early Greek thinkers for their contribution to the field of geography.

Our world is changing rapidly, and students of geography should be averse to the problems and challenges we face. GesPeriodos tries to educate the readers about the various challenges we would face from time to time. Students, academicians, administrators, and law makers should have strong fundamentals in various aspects of our natural environment, changing man-nature relationship and should be well-placed to deal with present and future environmental problems such as climate change, pollution, and zoonosis) and hence GesPeriodos aims to consummate geography in two volumes:

Volume I – Physical, World and Biogeography

Volume II – Indian, Human and Economic Geography

GES Periodos discusses various aspects of geography. It tries to bring together most contemporary thinking on the subject in a lucid manner. No expert knowledge is assumed on the part of its readers, so this book should be of particular interest to the layman.

Volume I of GES Periodos aims to explain and acquaint readers with the spatial characteristics of the various natural phenomena associated with the Earth’s atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.

It introduces basic and advanced physical geography to the students and teachers of geography at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in different universities in India and abroad.

Many new and interesting developments have been apparent in recent years in the study of physical geography, Volume I focus on the most advanced concepts and ideas within each of the subfields of physical geography and expresses these ideas using infographics, illustrations and pictures.


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