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Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude, 2e

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude, 2e



Author: R Rajagopalan


ISBN: 9789391032197


Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude is a unique book. The structure and contents of the Second Edition follow a fresh strategy for the UPSC Ethics Paper based on:

  • A detailed analysis of all the past question papers.
  • Suggestions made by toppers.

The special features of the book:

  • Fresh strategy for Theory and Case Studies, with the chapters revised, rewritten, and rearranged accordingly.
  • Logical flow of chapters, easy to read and understand, covering the full syllabus.
  • Focus on the foundational values and keywords.
  • All the UPSC questions and 25 case studies for practice.
  • A typology of the UPSC case studies with guidelines for case analysis and answer-writing.
  • Over 100 anecdotes, stories, and poems to excite your interest and teach you the principles of ethics.
  • Over 300 relevant quotations for practice.
  • More focus on practice and less on ethical theories.
  • Coverage of the relevant parts of the Second ARC Report.
  • Glossary of Terms.

Finally, the book makes you reflect on your life and ethics, enabling you to give authentic answers in the examination. The companion book: Rajagopalan, R., Case Studies in Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude for the Civil Services Main Examination, Third Edition, includes solutions for all the UPSC Questions and 125 Practice Case Studies.


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