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Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology


Author: Venkata Mohan

Publisher: OAK BRIDGE

ISBN: 9788193917145

Anthropological Thought is a book written for the aspirants of Civil Services Main Examination. It will also help the aspirants of various state services examinations.

The book covers the thought and philosophies of anthropologists and attempts to answer the basic questions related to anthropology. Ranging from classical evolutionists to post-modernists, the book delves deep into the insights provided by eminent thinkers like E.B. Tylor, Marvin Harris, Mead etc. It also deals with the various schools of anthropological thought.

For the better understanding of students, the thinkers have been categorised into the various school of thoughts. Written in a simple and lucid language, the book will serve as a comprehensive reference for the students on the topics of Anthropological thought.

Key Features: 
Categorisation of chapters based on the school of thoughts
Coverage of range of thinkers like classical evolutionists to post-modernists
Chapter-end practice questions for self-assessment
Mapped to the revised syllabus of UPSC

About the Author:
Venkata Mohan is a B.Tech from IIT Madras. He is the author of multiple books on the subjects like sociology and ethics. He has also penned down other books for general readers. He has been guiding the aspirants of Civil Services for several years. Under his guidance, many students have successfully cracked the Civil Services examination.


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