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Corporate Social Responsibility: Concept, Genesis, Evolution & Practice

Corporate Social Responsibility: Concept, Genesis, Evolution & Practice


Author: Dr Navjeet Sidhu Kundal

Publisher: OakBridge Publishing

ISBN: 9789391032678

Edition: 1

About the Book

Corporate Social Responsibility: Concept, Genesis, Evolution, & Practice in its new edition provides a comprehensive overview of the subject in the Indian context as well as presents a comparative analysis with the other jurisdictions including the US, UK, Australia, and South Africa. The book offers a step-by-step guidance on the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India covering all legislative and policy developments relating to it. A separate chapter in the book explores the regulatory structure in India with a view to expound on the different measures adopted through the years by various regulators and the judiciary to further the practice of CSR. The book offers insights on the international legal framework and the contributions of UN, ILO, and OECD in developing necessary guidelines on the subject. The book delves into the conceptual framework governing CSR interwoven with related principles and dimensions offering a holistic understanding of the subject.

The book also evaluates the CSR initiatives undertaken by Indian entities highlighting its practical dimensions. The readers will benefit from the critical analysis of the CSR spend by the Indian corporations at macro and micro levels, including the legal implications of CSR spend on Multinational Corporations. The book will be a handy guide and will be useful for corporate leaders, corporations, policy-makers, lawyers, judges, academicians and students.

About the Author

Dr Navjeet Sidhu Kundal is an Assistant Professor at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), GGSIP University, Delhi. She is a Ph.D. in Commercial Law and has a rich academic experience. Her areas of interest include Public International Law, Corporate Law and Human Rights. Her research revolves around Human Rights, Businesses and CSR. She writes extensively on issues related to Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business and Human Rights and Women in business. She has multiple books and research papers to her credit including International Humanitarian Law: A Reflection on 70 years of Geneva Conventions. She is currently working on a project sponsored by the National Human Rights Commission.

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