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Commentary on the Motor Vehicles Act

Commentary on the Motor Vehicles Act


Author: K Kannan

Publisher: OakBridge Publishing

ISBN: 9788194991106

Edition: 1

Commentary on the Motor Vehicles Act provides a section-wise analysis on the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 incorporating the impact of the Amendment Act of 2019. The book critically evaluates the working of the Act and its implementation by various stakeholders including adjudicating authorities, insurance companies, and enforcement agencies. The book aims to explain the provisions of the Act in a lucid manner by giving legislative history, judicial pronouncements, and the author’s interpretation. The author has also drawn a parallel with the erstwhile 1939 Act, wherever it offers valuable insights into the rationale and the genesis of the provisions in the 1988 Act. While presenting the definitive position of law drawing on Supreme Court and High Court judgments, the author also expresses his own view on some of these decisions which differs from the interpretation adopted by the court. The book captures the new concept of ‘aggregator’, a digital intermediary for a passenger to connect with a driver for the purpose of transportation and the Central Aggregator Guidelines. The author also discusses the ills that continue to plague the system such as fake licenses, poor performance of insurance companies in claim settlements, and fake claims and also recommends use of technology and other methods to address these concerns. The commentary will be useful to policy makers, judges, lawyers, enforcement agencies, academicians, and law students. The insurance industry will also find the book to be of interest to them especially in promoting the cause of settlements. About the Author: K Kannan is a former judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court and after his superannuation from Judicial Service in June 2016, served as Chairman of the Railway Claims Tribunal (RCT) at the Principal Bench at New Delhi, India which post he held till June 2019.


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