EmindsLegal Corporate Law Referencer 15-6-2018
Corporate Law Referencer, Fourth Edition (FY 2018 - 2019)

- By Sumit Pahwa

Corporate Law Referencer (CLR) presents the Companies Act, 2013 in a unique way where all the Circulars, Orders, Rules, Notifications and Forms are arranged just below that section so as to give a 360o view of the respective section.

Key features

  • Format of non-eForms
  • Quick Referencers containing over 100 procedures and compliance checklists
  • More than 450 FAQs on grey areas and practical issues
  • 120 plus landmark judgments on relevant provisions
  • 10 Quick Reference Tables consolidating various important topics such as highlights on the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017, fees, stamp duty rates, compliances based on threshold limits, registers, committees, website disclosures, exemptions to private companies etc.
  • Secretarial Standards
  • The NCLT and NCLAT Rules 2016 along with forms
  • Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 along with Circulars, Rules and Notifications placed under the relevant section
  • Free e-Book on 100+ Resolutions
  • Complimentary access to the updated Companies Act, 2013 at www.corporatelawreporter.com
Padamchand Khincha Decoding Section 5 copy
DECODING SECTION 5 - Analysis of scope of total income under Income Tax Act, 1961

- By H Padamchand Khincha & K K Chythanya

Decoding Section 5 by H Padamchand Khincha and K K Chythanya provides an in-depth analysis on Section 5 of Income tax Act, 1961 and discusses its interplay with other provisions of the Act. Largely untouched by legislative amendments, the authors of the book have attempted to peel through years of judicial exposition on the provision and adopt a fresh and unfettered approach. The authors dig deep with their research, to analyze many terms used in the legislation, which are sometimes used inter-changeably or which are bandied about without full appreciation.

The difference between Receipt and Accrual of Income has long been a bone of contention between the tax collector and tax payer. The true import and wider ramifications of “receipt”, “accrual” and “deemed accrual” are succinctly explained, as also the genesis of Double Taxation Avoidance Laws. The celebrated decision of the Apex court in Vodafone case, which also exposits concepts of accrual and deemed accrual have been explained in a manner which would be appreciated both by tax practitioners as well as a layman.

The book would be an asset in any library and it is recommended in classrooms too for a better understanding of Section 5 of the Income Tax Act, 1961, which are the pillars of the Act.

Excerpt from Foreword by Arvind P Datar, Senior Advocate:

"After reading this book, I realized how essential it was for every tax practitioner to periodically go back to the basics and revisit the fundamentals of tax law… Padamchand and Chythanya have literally brought sections 4 and 5 to life… It is necessary that every person dealing with the Act has a copy of this book. It should not only adorn one’s bookshelf, but all of us must also make it a point to read it periodically…"

LIBRA- The Advocate's App (Box Version)

- By VakilSearch Legal Solutions

LIBRA is a legal practice management software for advocates that offers a personalized case portfolio with case history, hearings, daily orders, and more. It has catered to over 20,000 lawyers who are truly happy having digitized their cases. 

  • Digitize your cases in less than 60 seconds with zero data entry!
  • Use the unique subscription code given inside the box while registering to deploy LIBRA Basic for one whole year.
  • LIBRA Basic alerts you on case hearings, gives instant updates on display board, provides personalized causelist data, and keeps you up-to-date on all legal news!
  • This self-starter kit lets you ease your practice at as low as Rs.3 per day! Use LIBRA for smart legal practice.

Price - INR 1499/-. Special Introductory Price - INR 999/- till September 28, 2018. (Prices inclusive of all taxes)

Customers' Speak: 

"The best automation tool lawyers of our century should use." - JAYANT JAIBHAVE - Advocate

"I completely run my law practice through LIBRA. It has been amazing!" - ANIRUDH KRISHNAN - Advocate

Asheeta Regidi front cover
Software Protection: Licensing & IPR Laws

- By Asheeta Regidi

Coverage Includes: 

  • Thematic commentary on the areas of software copyright, software patent and software licensing laws.
  • Discusses the various forms of legal and contractual protection available against software rights infringement.
  • Examines the influence of international laws on the evolving jurisprudence in India.
  • Analyses relevant Indian and International Case Law.
  • Explains the concepts of free and open licensing, copyleft. enforceability of e-contracts including shrink-wrap and browse-wrap agreements.

Examines relative provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000; Indian Copyright Act, 1957; Patents Act, 1970; and India Contract Act, 1872.

About the Author:

Asheeta is a consultant specializing in Indian and international technology, privacy and cyber laws. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E, CIPP/A), and a Member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. She provides consultation to clients, law firms and companies on matters relating to intellectual property rights in relation to software, software licensing, as well as free and open source licensing. Asheeta regularly contributes articles in her fields of specialization that have been published in the media. Asheeta read law at Government Law College, Mumbai (BLS, LLB), and is a Member of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. She also holds qualifications in cyber laws and cyber-crime investigation from the Asian School of Cyber Laws.

vsondhi book
International Parental Child Abduction

- By Vijay K Sondhi

The Author possesses a vast experience in Corporate and Commercial disputes, Litigation and ADR. He specializes in Criminal Law, more particularly White Collar Crimes, International crime syndicates, Extradition and Frauds, Anti-Piracy and anti-Counterfeiting. He is also proficient in cross border enforcement of decrees and awards.

He has extensive experience in disputes pertaining to both domestic and international jurisdictions. He has advised on debt recovery, banking & financial issues, commercial & corporate disputes and real estate, in various Courts all over India, and has also looked after interests of numerous clients in International Courts / Forums / Arbitral Tribunals including USA, UK, EU, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The book deals with the issue of relocation or removal of child/children by one parent to another territory, without the consent of the other parent owing to their matrimonial discord. At the international platform, the issue of wrongful removal of a child has been duly addressed by the act on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, 1980, and Hague Convention. This book discusses the extent of applicability of the law in India and the way ahead, while discussing case studies to analyse the current position in India.

Bhumesh Verma Practical Guide to Drafting Commercial Contracts 1
Practical Guide to Drafting Commercial Contracts

Bhumesh Verma

Practical Guide to Drafting Commercial Contracts by Bhumesh Verma is a concise practical guide for lawyers as well as non-lawyers. Legal drafting is an art. A good draftsman must factor a number of practical aspects to ensure an effective agreement. A well-drafted contract can serve the exact purpose and ensure optimum protection of the parties’ interests and would rarely lead to disputes. Even if the parties are at dispute, a well-drafted contract is a strong tool to ensure the wronged party has the correct set of remedies. Therefore, the importance of good contract drafting skills cannot be underestimated. This book guides the reader on minute concepts and contains templates of most frequently used contracts. 

Key Features:

 Practical guidance for acquiring good contract drafting skills

 Simple language of the book ensures its utility even for non-lawyers
      involved with contract drafting and reviewing.

 Templates to help the reader get a fair guidance on drafting

 Examples making it easier for the reader to grasp the concept